Customers are curious
Customers are curious
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What is the number of leads we get per account?

B2Brain is tuned to deliver you between 3 to 7 leads per target account. The selection of leads is based on the target persona that you have set up via the Intel Preferences section in your B2Brain dashboard.

How can I define and get more senior leads in an account?

The selection of leads is based on the target persona you have defined. In our observation, we find that in larger companies, the second and third level leadership tend to be Decision Makers (e.g. SVP/VP, Senior Director/Director), whereas in smaller companies, it tends to be the CXOs. If you find that you need to get more senior leadership as recommended leads, based on your knowledge of the domain and market, share your feedback with us, and we will fine-tune the algorithm for proper selection.

I can find information that B2Brain shows up. What is unique about it?

You are correct that B2Brain shows up information that can be referenced (you will see a link to the source along with the intel). When you have to get information for all the accounts you are dealing with, the time spent quickly adds up. From conversation with customers and prospects, we know that SDRs and AEs can spend over one-third of every month doing account research. Using B2Brain, you get 1 week/month extra selling time, giving you more options to personalize the messaging, engage prospects better and hit your quota.

Which market segments is B2Brain most useful for?

Our experience has been that customers targeting Mid-Market or Enterprise businesses (over 100 employees in size). If your business is targeting SMB segment, or is largely inbound lead based, then you may not find much value with B2Brain.

Do you share Prospect intelligence in addition to Account intelligence?

We have planned to include Prospect intelligence in the roadmap.

Is it possible to add new types and categories of Account intelligence?

We are always eager to learn from what sort of intelligence is valuable to your specific business. Please share your inputs and we will be glad to get cracking with it.

Can I download all the recommended leads as a CSV?

B2Brain is designed to work within your sales outreach workflow. It provides integrations with the most popular sales workflow platforms that B2B sales teams use – Outreach, Hubspot, Salesloft, Freshworks CRM and Salesforce. By connecting to these systems, you can import the recommended leads directly from B2Brain. At this moment, we don’t offer CSV download option. If you are on a paid plan and need it, please write to us at

How can I improve the relevance of the leads I receive?

The objective of B2Brain’s lead recommendation is to identify those most suitable for you to prospect, for your business. Please use the “Feedback” option available with each intel, to share your feedback on the leads. You are also welcome to use the chat bot on the B2Brain dashboard or write to us at with your inputs. Your inputs help fine tune the algorithm specifically for your list of accounts and target persona.

I am targeting media sites and consumer properties that belong to an umbrella brand. How do you distinguish them?

If you are targeting a media property or a consumer brand / property, we request you to share the umbrella brand detail as the target account. This will be required even for your sales purposes. If you don’t have that detail readily available, we can help you find a way.

How often do we get intel on a target account?

The frequency of intel depends on a few factors – the kind of company yiyr target account is, their digital presence and activity, information related to your business. We have seen that when you are targeting enterprises, you tend to receive between 3-7 pieces of intel relevant to your business, every month.

Are the leads shown related to the intel that’s shown? Are they mentioned in the piece of intel?

Often, intel is associated with a few people from your target accounts – they may be mentioned in the specific article, or quoted, or referred to. Where such mention is of your target persona, they would have been recommended by B2Brain. Where that is not the case, B2Brain uses your target persona definition as well as nature of the intel to determine the recommended leads.

How will I come to know if there are new intel?

Whenever you have new intel, you will receive an email notification, an indicator in the B2Brain extension installed in your Chrome Browser as well as an indicator in the Web Dashboard in the Intels tab. Rest assured that you cannot miss it when a new intel is available for you.

Can I import the leads into the Leads or Contacts folder in my CRM?

By default, B2Brain imports recommended leads into your CRM/SEP’s Leads section. If you want to configure importing them into your Contacts section, let us know via the chatbot or via This setting will be a common setting for all B2Brain users in your Org.

What kind of users use B2Brain in Outreach / Salesloft and what kind of users use it in a CRM? Is there any difference between using it in any of these platforms?

B2Brain functionality is optimized for the type of platform you connect it to – CRM or SEP. We have seen that SDRs and BDRs tend to use B2Brain with one of the SEPs a whole lot more, while AEs and AMs use it with one of the CRMs. Since the SEPs are fine-tuned to optimize your workflow, B2Brain has additional capabilities to help you prioritize accounts, when you connect it to the SEP.

Should I connect using my CRM or SEP Auth or is a Google / Microsoft auth sufficient?

Connecting to B2Brain via a CRM or an SEP will give you the optimal experience. Of course, if you don’t have one of our supported CRMs or SEPs, please use the Google or Microsoft auth to connect to B2Brain.

What is the difference between using the Chrome Extension and using the Web Dashboard?

The Chrome Extension is designed for your daily use – accessing intels, highlights and leads, all within your workflow. You can of course do all of them with the Web Dashboard. In addition, you can add additional accounts in bulk, change intel and target persona preferences using the Web Dashboard. You cannot import leads into your CRM from the Web Dashboard, but can import them from the Chrome Extension.

I want to access the intels from both the Account record as well as from the Lead / Contact record in the CRM or SEP. Is that possible?

Absolutely. B2Brain associates intel with the domain of an account, as well as with the domain of a Lead / Contact’s business email. You can therefore access all the intels from the Account record or from the Lead / Contact record.

Can my team members see the intel I receive?

There are two ways for your team members to see the intel you receive: 1. Share the intels using the “Share with colleague” option. 2. If you are working with a colleague on the same account (e.g. SDR & AE, AE & AM, AM & CSM), ask your colleague to also track the same account.