Discover actionable intel about to supercharge your outreach
along with talking points and most relevant leads for your key
accounts right inside Salesforce.

How to use B2Brain within SalesForce

1. Install B2Brain

B2Brain is available as a Google Chrome Extension, and can be installed
from the Chrome Web Store or from B2Brain Website.

2. Set Up

Once you install the extension, you would be redirected to the setup page, where you have to authenticate with your Salesforce account.

Choose Salesforce from the available list of options, and authenticate with your Salesforce account.

Note: B2Brain supports both, Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning

3. Start tracking accounts

Once you have logged in, you’ll see the following floating-bar on every account/people page. 

This draggable component can be moved by just dragging it to either sides, or moving it up and down to suite your workflow the best. 

Click on it to open the B2Brain sidebar, and follow the onscreen instructions to start tracking the account/people for tracking. 

4. Discover Intels

When you open an account record or lead record that is being tracked, it will indicate the number of intels available for that account.

Account record with intels available

Click the B2Brain tab to view the intel – it will be shown as below.

View the intel for this account

Every intel will include

  1. News Article / Source of information for the Intel
  2. Talking Points that you can use for your outreach
  3. Recommended Leads

5. View and Import Recommended Leads

Click any lead to view their details
Click “Import to Salesforce” and once imported, you can view them in Salesforce
View the lead on Salesforce, and include them in your outreach promptly

Please note that by default the lead from B2Brain is created as a Lead on Salesforce. This can be configured for your account, to be created as an Contact or any other custom field based on your salesforce configuration. (For more, just write to us at

5. Upgrading your account

Your free account comes with free tracking, intels, talking points and leads for upto 10 accounts. To upgrade your account, visit the pricing page and select the plan you wish to go with.

For any additional help, write to us at